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WA State Laws have been changed and now require that massage therapists receive consent for various types of massage and procedures.  This sample template will help you in creating your own form that will suit your massage business,

As massage therapists we understand the importance of communication. However, as our work becomes second nature to us, we may forget that for some of our clients the experience can be new, stressful, or difficult. The consent form above is one more opportunity to clearly discuss certain aspects of a massage therapy treatment with patients/clients before the treatment happens, and thereby allow for an increased sense of control and safety. For most people, it is helpful to understand the rationale behind touching private areas and draping variances, and to understand that they have a choice.

This is an opportunity to educate clients on their right to change consent at any time during a treatment (which from experience we know not everyone feels they “should”). Additionally, it educates them on the LMT’s legal responsibility to obtain written consent, so patients will have more clarity when encountering uncomfortable or inappropriate situations which unfortunate exit.

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