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CPR -- More Info on the New CE Requirement

3 Sep 2021 3:36 PM | Robbin Blake (Administrator)

As I've mentioned in a prior GR blog, CPR is required for anyone renewing their massage license after September 1, 2021. The new requirement states, "Maintenance of certification in American Heart Association CPR or equivalent".

WSMTA has received questions about a) whether the class has to be in-person or not and b) what does equivalent mean?

The Format of the CPR Class:

Like the ethics requirement, the CPR requirement does not call out a specific mode of education which means that you can fulfill the requirement by taking an in-person class, an online class or a hybrid of in-person and online.  If there are other formats for taking CPR, then it would be acceptable as well.

What Does Equivalent Mean?

The American Heart Association’s CPR is based on the resuscitation knowledge of the “International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation”.  The American Red Cross is an equivalent organization and their CPR methods are based on the "International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation".  If you take a CPR class from another organization, find out what their CPR methods are based on.  More than likely you’ll find that it’s based on one of these two sets of guidelines.  If it is, then it will be equivalent.  Often you can find this information on the website’s FAQs page or on the page that talks about their CPR.  If not, then call them.   If it is not based on one of these two organizations’ resuscitation methods then you’ll need to do some homework to determine if it is equivalent or not.

To read our other blog article on CPR, please click on the following link:

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