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Continuing Education in Person Training Waiver Ends December 31, 2022

14 Oct 2022 3:33 PM | Robbin Blake (Administrator)

On September 27, 2022, the Department of Health sent an email out to every massage therapist it has an email address for.  The email stated:

Continuing Education in Person Training Waiver Ends December 31, 2022

Dear Interested Party:

At its September 23, 2022 meeting, the Board of Massage (board) voted to not extend the expiration date for Policy Statement BOM 20-01.6 Continuing Education Requirements During the COVID-19 Response. The policy, which is in effect through December 31, 2022, waives the requirement for an LMT to obtain in person and directly supervised massage skills training as part of their continuing education.

Beginning January 1, 2023, to renew their license, LMTs will be required to complete the CE requirements as provided in WAC 246-830-475, subject to the exception outlined below.

An LMT whose CE reporting date is after December 31, 2022, will not be found non-compliant with their CE if they obtain their CE hours in accordance with the allowances of the policy while it is in effect.

An LMT who must report their CE by February 20, 2023, will not be required to obtain eight hours of in person training if they complete all CE requirements in accordance with the policy’s allowances before December 31, 2022.  Their next CE reporting date would be February 20, 2025.

In addition, the Board will continue to exercise its authority in WAC 246-12-210 to review extenuating circumstances that may prevent an LMT from meeting their CE requirements.

Davis Hylkema
Interim Program Manager
Washington State Board of Massage

Click on the link, to read the email in an official format.

A shorter version of this email is also published on the Department of Health, Massage Therapist page, just click on to read it.

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